« Clair-obscur et photographie impressionniste… »

roygunnelsClair-obscur, or “Chiaroscuro” in the Italian, is a passion of mine…it fits my personality I think…As a photojournalist or documentary photographer your work has to be literal, I see so many photographers describe themselves as “storytellers”, and I sometimes wonder how literal their work really is.  So, after returning from living in the Middle East, I first began the documentary project “Texas Gothic: Where The Wild Things Are”, which has grown to become much more than what I first anticipated or envisoned with the original “biker” series, “Outlaw In Texas”.
I’ve described my experience working with my model in other blog posts, so just as a reminder, we worked on six shoots together over a period of seven months.  Also at the beginning I had acquired new processing software, so during the past two years I’ve become adept at using it, “skillful” I think, and more importantly, I have refined my aesthetics towards the work with her, what I want to show, the feelings and emotions I want to emphasize…I have processed selections in clair-obscur and just recently begun processing some as impressionistic.  I like the idea of not being “literal”, of having the viewer participate in interpreting the image, the emotions, the models or my own, or both of us, as well as what I desire for them to take away from it.  I think that can be the adventure in viewing a fine-art photograph of this style!
I would also like to do more low-light, grainy work, for the same reason, it doesn’t explain everything, it requires the viewer to use their imagination, to either interpret the image or to accept the delicious mystery of it…RG