“Photography is an introspective pursuit…”

Well, I entitled this in a declarative way, but of course, I do not think that much commercial photography, or that controlled by the dreaded art directors and editors and publishers and such is, of course, “introspective”. It is introspective when an image or series of images, or body of work, are conceived by the photographer as an emotional and artistic experience. For those that follow my blog, you are more familiar with some of my history, I majored in Philosophy at Texas Christian University, and my field of interest were the Existentialists, Sartre, Camus, Gide, Genet, Simone de Beauvoir, etc.  Does it flavor my work? Absolutely! Whether my documentary or photojournalism, my street or studio photography, it all is shaded by what makes me, “me”, I believe.
I think I first began to think about this, to recognize it, working in Egypt, and then Ethiopia, the conscious decision about what is important for me to capture, to document, to simply take a picture of. What I thought was important for those that view my work to see. Many times the simplicity and utter grace and beauty of life, of what someone called my work, « petits bouts de temps », “small pieces of time”.
When I returned from years abroad I began the “Outlaw…” series, that is now a significant part of “Texas Gothic…”, a major and on-going project. I also began doing studio work with a model over a period of seven months, an exhilarating, frustrating and stunningly introspective experience for me, as personally revealing as documentary and urban work had been for me abroad. My photography unequivocally reflects what I find important, or what I find beautiful, it reflects my perspectives in the most personal of ways.
Small pieces of time, yes, and so much more…RG