« petits morceaux de temps » “Small Pieces Of Time”

I receive comments on my work that amaze me at times, that are stunningly eloquent.  “You observe small acts of humanity that add up to something transcending their scale.”. And another, “Your work comes from the heart…you are a trigger of emotions.”, and “We can change and see the world through a new lens, like the lens that Roy Gunnels uses, and now I see only beauty.” And from a French professor of art history, translated, “A series of portraits in small touches…full of passion.” And a French/Iranian viewer, “A photo that makes me want to name it…my reading of the picture is made from right to left as a beautiful Arabic calligraphy.”
And a comment on one of my images that I used a very tight frame to channel the viewers gaze, “Yes it pulls in the viewer to take a closer look making a connection from the abstract to humanity.”
I am not only inspired by comments such as these, I learn from them, I see the image not as the photographer but as the viewer, which I have found is incredibly important, how others see your work, how they interpret what you are doing with the image, from the way you framed it to how it is processed and presented, and again how important a narrative, even a short one, is in allowing others to fully appreciate and understand the image.
I do not sell my work, I have never been able to reach an agreement with a gallery or agent that I felt comfortable with. I shoot it, I reflect and consider and labor over each image shown, many times for months, it is easily as much an intellectual pursuit for me as an esthetic one.
I am honored by these comments and so many others, and I am indebted to those that have taught me so much about my own work.  RG