“Reflections on my work…”

roygunnels-new-6I was sitting in Starbucks today having coffee, it was raining outside, lovely and beautiful and relentless, and I was thinking about my work, about the idea of projecting power, with each and every image I produce. I know that when I view other photographers work it sometimes elicits feelings of peace, tranquility, a softness I don’t see in my own work. And I think that is so because I have always had one goal, for each image to project a power, whether a street scene or portrait from the studio, whether a gnarled biker, a child from the Egyptian revolution or Ethiopian streets, or a weathered lady selling her wares on any street around the world. I favor presenting my images in clair-obscur because it fits my desire for strength, less nuance in tone equals more raw strength to me. And color distracts, I wish for full attention from the viewer on the form of the image, and what the highlights and darkness are saying, are conveying!
I don’t do much introspection involving my work, but perhaps that is saying something about me as a person, not sure, don’t care much, I do believe the more important the work is to you the more you want to establish yourself personally in it, the work reflecting who I am. I’ve mentioned this before in other blog posts that my subscribers will note, that what and how I shoot reflects who I am, but also it’s how I choose to present it, why I favor clair-obscur and black and white over color, or even sepia for that matter. RG
** Thank you to my subscribers for your patience in allowing me to sometimes ramble on…Even though I am not a person who is given to self-reflection, I find that it is enlightening and even helpful as my work has become my “raison d’être”.