“About my work…”

I create my images the same way I painted, by what feels “right”, what feels “beautiful”, to me. From the original idea, to composition and processing and finally, presentation, my work is instinctive and visceral. I don’t follow rules of photography because I don’t care about them, and don’t know them anyway. There is bliss in not knowing the parameters someone else, or history, has established. I am excited to find and capture fascinating angles and lines in a composition, and as I’ve said before, I love “negative space”, which to me can give an existential quality to a particular image.
A lady in Spain recently left a comment on a portrait of mine referring to me as “The man who sees souls”. It startled me, less because it was flattering and more because it was so damn beautiful! I’ve expressed several times throughout this blog how much I love creating portraits, and also perhaps the reason being is that I don’t connect with people often. If anyone really wants to know who I am, they have only to view my work, I really believe that it reflects, and at times betrays, more about me than my words ever could.
I have been taking a short walk in a park the last few months, about thirty minutes, doing what the Japanese call “forest bathing”, no aerobics, no power-walking, no worrying, just moving down a path through trees and bushes and a rippling stream and the wildness of it all. I can’t help but see “portraits” in every bit of beauty, a face in the midst of a huge Fir tree, a figure in white posed among the pebbles in the shallow stream, or emerging from the huge roots of a tree along the bank.
I drive each day by a railroad track that has a large stack of railroad ties, and the side where they are end-to-end would make the most amazing close backdrop for a portrait series, these dark, aged square ends.
I live my work, my photography, each day… RG