“Website Change” – “Changement de site Web”

Greetings to all of my subscribers, I wanted to note the changes to the website. My desire was to make it less complicated, and much easier to view, so my work has been collated into three distinct galleries, or projects, beginning with “DARK POETRY”, or “Obscure Poésie“, then “TEXAS GOTHIC: Where The Wild Things Are”, or “Texas Gothique”, and “EPHEMERA: Fleeting Moments From Across The World”. You may read more about each gallery on my “About” page. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being interested enough in my work, and in me, to read what at times i’m afraid is more of a “rant” then a studied blog entry. The reason for that being when I begin this blog I decided that it would be spontaneous and truly how I feel at the time it is written, I would not return to edit for content or delete entries, what I post stays up. My ideas or opinions on a particular issue can perhaps change, become more subtle or nuanced, and if it does i’ll try and address that if I think it’s important, otherwise, my blog is how I feel about my work and associated experiences. RG