“Reflections On Baudelaire’s “Le Désir de peindre” “

“The Desire To Paint”, “Le Désir de peindre”, by Charles Pierre Baudelaire, so clearly reminds me of the intensity I feel about the work from “Dark Poetry”, “Obscure Poésie“. You may read the English translation of the poem (here). As I have stated in other blog posts, I was a painter for many years, and I was always dreaming of many more paintings, and always aware that I could only accomplish a few, yet it did not stop me from imagining them in detail. I feel the same way about the project, “Dark Poetry”. There is not a single day in over two years that I have not reviewed and considered images from that work, it kind of washes over me like a black tide, cold yet exhilarating, like swimming in the ocean at night, seeing a bright moon overhead and yet not knowing what lies beneath you. Each morning when I walk the path through the woods and along the stream I imagine her in a white Edwardian gown, sitting near the narrow stream in contemplation or her face deep within the boughs of an Evergreen tree staring silently ahead and waiting for me to capture her visage…she never invites a touch but she offers and gives what she can, her clear and direct gaze, her eyes into mine. I have seen her with Honeysuckle blossoms falling from her hair, I have seen her with her arms gently encircling the trunk of a tree as she presses one cheek against it, I have seen her lift the hem of her gown and dip her toes into the stream as it twinkles like diamonds with sunlight that filters through the trees and glances across the water. She who is the object of Baudelaire’s “Le Désir de peindre” is also the object of my “Obscure Poésie“, my “Dark Poetry”. RG