“Humanity…without filters…”

I received a message today from a gentleman named Robert Branch, a LinkedIn connection that has followed my work for months. It did more than touch me, it slammed me, as the author mentioned and referred to my work set within the world of today, certainly not a very nice place, and what it means to him. To say the least, it affected me profoundly. I post it below:
“In these incredibly uncertain times, it is art and beauty on my LinkedIn timeline that is going to be my savior. Thank you for helping me to maintain some semblance of sanity. It is in the eyes of your subjects that I find the common thread of humanity. Humanity. In all of its forms. Without filter. It is a beautiful gift. Your ability. Thank you”
I have always had the freedom to shoot exactly what I choose to, whether fine art, documentary or photojournalism, and I have always fiercely protected that freedom. It’s always been so important to me that people who view my work understand I have made all of the choices for each image, from composition to processing to presentation. Because this work, my work, represents who I am in the most real and intimate sense. RG