“BRAVEHEARTS”: A Documentary

Last week I was invited by the president of the EOPG, the Emergency Operations Training Grounds, to visit and create a photo-documentary of the exercises for first-responders that were taking place throughout the day, in Jacksboro, Texas. It included a SWAT team from Haltom City Police Department and a helicopter from CareFlite, who are represented in my documentary, as well as firefighters from the Jacksboro Fire Department and troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety, and snipers from a variety of entities, as well as many other first-responders. And I was thrilled to be asked to do so.
The images you see in the documentary, “Bravehearts”, are all candid, none are posed, and were taken under sometimes challenging conditions. There were limitations about how close I could actually approach and capture the exercises in progress, including various “rescue” scenarios that required coordination between the SWAT and CareFlite teams and pilots, and submission exercises by the police working dog, “Filo”, and his handler!
As part of my day, I captured images while flying in a helicopter, rode in a SWAT vehicle, and met a variety of brave and motivated men and women. It was an honor for me to have been invited to document this day. RG