Welcome to L’Atelier de Roy Gunnels at RoyGunnels.com, my online fine-art photography studio and working portfolio. I attended Texas Christian University and am a member of the Frontline Freelance Registry (London) for conflict photographers, ‘Blink’ professional New Media listing (NYC), and in the “Top 1% Viewed” on LinkedIn. I have lived and worked throughout the Middle East, East Africa and Western Europe.

My work has been featured and profiled in The Guardian, Midan Misr, The Next Web, The Cairo Observer, The Atlantic Council’s ‘EgyptSource’, as well as other fine art and New Media publications, both print and digital. A selection of images from Egypt was recently published in Westmount Magazine with a forward by Nancy Messieh, the Egyptian/American writer and associate director of the Atlantic Council’s ‘EgyptSouce’. Also, a new article about my work by the features writer, Serena Marotta has been published in the Italian newspaper, “L’ORA”.

I have recently organized my website into three major galleries, and also current and future photo-documentaries will be listed below them.

“DARK POETRY”, “Obscure Poésie“, includes work from various narrative photo-series, including “Bronte In The Mirror”, “Bronte dans le miroir”, inspired by the Bronte sisters,”Love In The Afternoon”, “L’amour L’après-midi”, “Run Away With Me”, “Enfuis-toi avec moi”, and “The Midnight Swim”, “Le Bain de Minuit”. The gallery is a on-going portrait project, consisting at this time of work from a series of six improvisational shoots, in an ethereal, slightly toned processing. You may read more about it on my blog.

“TEXAS GOTHIC: Where The Wild Things Are”, “Texas Gothique”, is a major on-going project consisting of stylized portraits, vignettes and tableau , composed throughout the state, in a rich noir style, that reflects a gothic romanticism with an existential yet vibrant clarity. “Outlaw In Texas”, one photo-narrative of the “Texas Gothic” project, has been published in Westmount Magazine.

“EPHEMERA: Fleeting Moments From Across The World”, “Éphémères : Moments fugitifs de par le Monde”, is composed of photo-narratives in documentary and photo-journalism from across the world, including “Muiz: A Pastiche Of The Street”, a multi-year photographic odyssey and resulting documentary, created on the historic and legendary Al-Muizz Street, while I was based in Cairo, Egypt. Excerpts have been featured in numerous newspapers, documentary publications and websites, including recently in the print and online edition of the Cairobserver. Also included in “EPHEMERA” are images from my Egyptian Revolution series, “Warflower: Cairo In Revolution”, “Fleur de Guerre: Révolution Au Caire”, primarily composed in the famous Tahrir Square, also “Cairo Streets”, “Rues du Caire”, and from Northern Ethiopia, “Northern Ethiopia: Hearts of Gondor”.

“BRAVEHEARTS: A Documentary”, This is a new photo-documentary created a few weeks ago when I was invited to record the exercises at the Emergency Operations Proving Ground in Jacksboro, Texas, for emergency first-responders, including CareFlight, Haltom City Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, Jacksboro Fire Department, and many others, of which I was honored to do so.

*You can find me in the Frontline Freelance Registry, the Blink media listing, the Sappest geo-locator for media freelancers, and the Top 1% on LinkedIn. You can contact me through LinkedIn messaging, or email roy@scorpionkiss.com